Introduction post

I’m a long time blog reader, but never a blog poster myself.  I’ve recently decided to change this since I’m eager to share some of the work I’ve been up to with the larger computing community without the process that I’m used to of restricting myself to conference or journal publications.  There are some projects that are either too immature, too code-focused, or just too simple to merit submission to a peer reviewed publication.  I’d rather not let these interesting little tidbits rot away on my hard drive, so I decided starting a blog would be a good way to share them.

The goal of this blog is to share my work that lies somewhere at the intersection of programming languages, scientific computing, and high performance computing.  I hope that some of what I post here will ultimately be interesting to someone out there.

I have a list of topics that I have started to write about.  These include:

  • An implementation of the Diffusion Limited Aggregation model in Haskell
  • A Haskell implementation of the Gene Expression Programming method for evolution-based optimization
  • Migrating Matlab image processing code to Haskell without sacrificing performance

Hopefully others will follow.  Enjoy!


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