I’ve worked on a number of open-source software projects that are available online. Here are the most notable ones:

  • sfsexp : Small Fast S-Expression library in C.
  • Open Fortran Parser : An open source Fortran parser that handles F77, F90, F95, F2003, and recently, F2008. Netbeans uses this as of version 6.9.
  • Supermon : Low overhead, scalable cluser monitoring infrastructure. Currently part of the clustering software suite sold by Hewlett-Packard.
  • HSGep : Gene Expression Programming implemented as a Haskell library. This replaces an older, defunct project of mine : JavaGEP.
  • HSWorkflow : A simple toy project that uses lazy functional streams to model relationships between computations in scientific workflows.
  • CCA Onramp: Tools for adoption of CCA component technology from existing codes.
  • Chama Performance Tools : A collection of research prototype tools for exploring operating system interference in HPC platforms. Home of the FTQ microbenchmark.
  • CCAIN : CCA INtegration framework. The reference implementation for CCA-Lite (See CCA Forum for more information on the broader Common Component Architecture effort). This package has been replaced by the CCA Onramp effort above.

The list above is a bit old – you can also see what I’m up to by browsing my public repositories on github.


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